Greens Committee Meeting 25th October 2017

Attending: John Boundy, Rundle Hatcher, James Leitch, Nick Cook, Avril Smith, Steve Bartrop.

Apologies: Dan Vanstone, Den Mutton.

The Pro-Am held here at Bude on Monday was a great success. Although played in wind and rain for most of the day providing tricky golf conditions, the course was eminently playable and coped well with the large field of over 25 teams of 4. As Nick Cook pointed out, this could not be said about a lot of courses locally after the recent heavy rain, a fact that he feels should be advertised more widely.

Head green keeper’s report: (The following is an abridged report taken from notes provided by James)

The proposed tining and over seeding of the greens was completed without too much interference to play over just two days thanks in part to the weather conditions at the time. The ground staff used 6 bags of R117 fescue seed and 20 tons of top dressing sand. Liquid feed has been used as and when required and fungicide used on 2,8,9,10,14,15+ putting green. Regular aeration will continue to be carried out using vertidrain and slitting, greens 9,10,15 requiring extra attention.

Foliar feed tank mixed with a selective herbicide and greenor has been applied. The tees have been micro tined. On the fairways the height of cut has been raised to 14mm and a foliar feed and selective herbicide sprayed. James proposed the reshaping of certain fairways, so bunkers present come into play more. On the holes he mentioned, balls are prevented from reaching the bunker by long grass. This especially applies to the 2nd and the 18th.

Areas of rough have been cut back to improve play but we need to make it challenging but fair.

James was still waiting for machinery prices. He indicated he needs a supply of a new product called Dispatch which helps control moisture levels in the top surface of greens giving better irrigation efficiency throughout.

James proposed several winter projects:

Work to be carried out on reveting several bunkers. The land drain on the right side of the fairway on the 9th near the green to be dug up and back filled with gravel to form a French Drain.

The hedge on the left of the 10th green be removed completely to improve the ventilation of that green. This action will also speed up play as a lot of balls are lost in that hedge. The members present all felt this was an excellent idea. Shrubs next to the 11th tee cut back.

Some future projects that will require additional costings. The stream in front of the 10th green badly needs shuttering as does the burn crossing the 15th and 18th. He suggested the 15th green be altered. Moved to the left and re-orientated so the overhanging trees do not shade the green surface from the early morning sun. This would be a major alteration and so James is going to consult and get some advice from a colleague in due course.

Ricky and Andrew to go on a PA6 sprayers course at a cost of £358/person over two days and suggested one obtains a chainsaw (C530) license. (£489) Andrew especially needs new waterproof clothing supplied.

Avril Smith. Avril asked for work to be carried out on behalf of the ladies. There is an area in front of the third tee that needs a trim as does an area in front and to the left of the bunkers on the 15th where a lot of players must lay up. Avril also indicated this will be her last greens meeting as she is moving back to the south east to be closer to her family next month.

Steve Bartrop informed James the fence behind the 15th green requires attention. There is an area next to the 14th green that needs a trim as does the hill to the right of the road on the 12th. One side of this hill has already been cut but the other catches those players who don’t hit their ball so far. Steve also felt the grass on the right side of the 8th green had become too long.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 22nd November.