Greens Meeting  24th November 2017

In attendance: John Boundy, Shirley Percy, Den Mutton, Rundle Hatcher, James Leitch, Dan Vanstone, Steve Bartrop, Nick Cook.

John Boundy welcomed Shirley to the meeting. Shirley has replaced Avril who has moved away.

Head Greenkeeper’s report:

Greens have been verti-drained to a depth of 200mm using 12mm tines. Regular application of foliar feed to help keep them healthy for the winter,

We haven’t been able to top dress due to connection between the control consul and the spreader via electric cable. The cost order a new cable was £450 + vat. Existing cable has hopefully been repaired locally. Light top dressing will be applied

Radiator fan has had to be replaced on the Toro 3420 hydrid greensmaster. As this is our only dedicated greens mower the need to get fixed was a priority. The cost to replace the fan £368 + vat and labour cost. Wherever possible I try to use local firms to help keep the cost down, but on repairs to specialist equipment I feel we need make sure the repairs are done correctly.


Tees have been solid tined to a depth of 100mm using 12mm tines

We are at present a demonstrating a brush attachment on front of the tees/ apron mower that helps stand the grass up prior to cutting. The cost is £750 + vat. It will be interesting to see if this improves the overall appearance and surface of tees and aprons.


We have re-vetted the fairway bunker on 3rd and 15th greenside. We are currently taking turf from the far end of the practice range. Once we have stripped enough turf to finish bunkers we will over-seed to improve the far end of the driving range.


The irrigation system will be shut down on 28th November by a company called Lakes and Greens. This will help in any vandalism and protect exposed pipes, joints and pumps from frost conditions.


Reposition marker post 18th fairway to encourage players/ visitors to play away from mound on the left when driving of the 18th tee. (This suggestion was debated at length, but a decision not made.)

Preparing area for future turf nursery between 3rd green and road crossing.

A further reminder to all members to repair their pitch marks (and others) on the greens.

John asked for clarification regarding the drop zone on the 10th hole. This drop zone is marked in red to indicate it is used for balls that end up in the water between the red markers and not between the yellow markers further on. The rules about this need to be made clearer and a notice put up.

Shirley asked if the fairway on the 9th hole could be extended just past the 100yd marker as a lot of players have to lay up on this hole and end up in a poor lie. The condition of the grass here has improved now so this may be an option.

The proposed removal of the hedge to the left of the 10th green.

Dan Vanstone offered to do this some time, early next year at a minimum expense. The path running alongside it and the 13th tee will have to be maintained as it is marked as a public footpath on maps. It is fairly certain there will be a quantity of stone in this hedge so that may be useful elsewhere and worth saving.

Nick referred to some local rules that have changed or been introduced. These need to be put up on the notice board for now and the score cards amended as and when.

Next meeting. This was set for Friday 12th January 2018.