Greens Meeting – Minutes 12th January 2018


John Boundy, Rundle Hatcher, Dan Vanstone, Steve Bartrop, Nick Cook (Pro) James Leitch (Head Green Keeper).


Shirley Percy, Dennis Mutton.

Minutes of last meeting read and adopted. Points raised were discussed including confirming the position and need for a drop zone on the 10th hole. It was suggested this drop zone, and when and if it should be used, be brought up at the next player’s meeting, so the rule can be explained. SB asked about a plugged ball in the newly revetted bunker on the third hole. In winter a ball that is plugged in the grass above the sand in a bunker can be lifted and dropped in a place no nearer the hole at the nearest point of relief with no penalty. The nearest point does not include the sand in the bunker.

Removing the bank next to the 10th green was discussed later in the meeting.

Green Keeper’s report

Greens have been performing well despite the weather.

  • Top dressed with about 4 tons of sand
  • Slit 3 times
  • Cutting height 5mm lowering to 4.75 for competitions
  • Monthly application foliar feed
  • 8,9,10 and 15 have been sprayed with a selective fungicide called Instrata

Aprons have been cut at least once a week to a height of 10mm

Tees are cut as when needed, about every other week. They have been divited on a regular basis, but we are finding heavy rain washes the sand out and gives the appearances that they have been missed.

Fairways are cut a 14mm and only when required

We have finished reveting the bunkers and will start to lay turf on the top edges week commencing 22nd January.

15th fence safety netting needs to be replaced

  • Cost of net £270.12 inc. carriage ad VAT (we also need to take in the cost of hiring a cherry picker)
  • Cot of supply and fitting net £1500

Awaiting a cost for pruning the tree by the 15th green

10th hedge date to confirmed with Danny Vanstone and costing to be submitted

Future work

  • Solid tine greens
  • Slit fairways
  • Remove 10th hedge and make good
  • Remove scrub right 11th tee
  • Safety fence 15th
  • Turf bunkers edges
  • Obtain costing to extend main car park.


Hedge next to the 10th Green. Dan outlined the work required and the machinery needed. The work has been earmarked for the 1st and 2nd of February unless the weather intervenes. It was suggested the 10th hole be closed for the duration of the work as there is no temporary green available. Additional help with this project will be appreciated if only to pick up all the lost balls that are likely to be disturbed!

A short discussion regarding what is to be done to the 6th hole should the proposed car park go ahead. JL suggested a professional course designer be sought regarding setting out an ideal layout for what will remain of the hole. This and certain other factors will, in effect, push up the overall final cost of the car park project, a point that the members of the club need to be aware of when the final decision is voted on.

Extending the existing car park. It has been noted that due to the wet weather the grass next to the car park has been badly damaged by cars that have parked there and getting stuck. In view of this JL asked Dan to see what it might cost to put down a surface with a view to extend the car park outwards enough to have an additional double row of cars down the middle of the car park. Dan will do some calculations.

Next meeting to be held on February 16th at 2.00pm.