Committee Meeting  – Minutes 8th November 2017


Tony Blatchford, Leah Deely, John Percy, Christine Simmons, Dave Simmons, Mark Taylor, Den Mutton, Avril Smith, Peter Kelly. John Boundy, Jill Tucker, Doug Thom, Horace Parsons

Minutes of Previous Meeting read and agreed.

Captain’s Report

HP thanked the office staff and volunteers and greenkeepers for their continued work and commitment.

HP stated he felt that the current process of Captains and Presidents of the club being part of the committee was flawed. This current practice was making it difficult to recruit persons into these roles as the demands were becoming too great. He also felt that by reducing the number of persons on the committee this would streamline the decision-making process and improve on the current process.

A general discussion took place around the merits of this proposal. It was felt that this would require a member vote.

It was further discussed that the current practice of the incumbent Captain picking the next Captain was out-dated and there should be a selection/ballot process to select the next Captain/President.

It was agreed by all that this suggestion would assist the club.

Seconded by AS.

A vote was taken and a unanimous decision reached.

Lady Captain’s Report

AS stated that this would be her last meeting as she was moving to Kent in the next few weeks to be closer to her family. She thanked everyone for their support, friendship and kindness during her period as captain and member. She will remain part of the club, returning for open competitions. AS introduced JT to the meeting as the next ladies captain. HP thanked AS for her work as Lady Captain and wished her well in the future and said she would be missed. AS provided an update to the committee of the recent interview process for the office vacancy.

Treasurer’s Report

MT stated September’s income was in line with forecast and is confident that October’s will be positive too. The 2018 financial forecast is almost finished apart from the GK costs and machinery budgets. An opportunity to invest £50k from the club’s deposit funds via ‘Folk to Folk’ at 6.5% was explained and will be utilised shortly.

Greens Update

JB stated that during the last green meeting discussion took place to consider the removal of the hedge between the 10th green and 13th tee. They are looking to see if the path between the tee and green is a bridleway and will obtain costings before the project commences.


Dogs in the clubhouse

TB read out two letters from members requesting the decision to ban dogs is overturned, introduced a petition signed by 59 members requesting the ban be-overturned and emails from members either supporting the ban or disagreeing with the ban.

Discussion took place over these reports and requests. It was agreed that the requests to overturn the ban could not be ignored and it was proposed by CS that a ballot/vote by the members should take place to decide if the ban was to remain in place, this was seconded by MT

It was agreed by a majority decision that a ballot of the members should be held to decide this matter. ACTION FOR TB to arrange such a ballot.

Office Security MT asked that a review of keyholders is obtained to improve on current office security. ACTION FOR TB

DT discussed the options for online entries for open competitions. A general discussion took place regarding this. MT explained there would be a cost implication in setting up such a system. ACTION FOR DT TO REVIEW COST IMPLICATIONS.

CS stated that Judith Smith has spoken to Roz Clarke re ideas for re-planning the layout of the men’s changing rooms.

Date of Next meeting 13/12/2017